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Practice Areas

The Firm Focuses on Music, Film, Television, Stage and Literature

Our practice has a strong focus in the area of music law. We draft and review exclusive recording agreements, music publishing agreements, artist agreements, songwriting agreements, production and distribution agreements as well as licensing and master-sync agreements, copyrights and rights litigation. The film and television practice submits scripts, treatments and reviews and drafts an array of film and tv production, distribution, options and licensing agreements along with releases for location and publicity. The firm also practices in all areas of agreements for the live theatre and book publishing agreements.

Our Business Law Practice Focuses on Contracts, Transactions and Litigation

Contracts are the heart and soul of the business world. Many contracts are oral but just as enforceable as written agreements. We aim to draft contracts that our clients can understand but contain all the legal protections and terms and conditions that our clients require. We review and draft an array of different contracts from leases to sales agreements, distribution and service agreements to employment related agreements. Whether your company is large or small our firm can handle just about any business agreement. The firm also negotiates, sues and defends companies and individuals in connection with contract disputes.

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Falls, and Medical Malpractice Are Our Key Areas of Personal Injury

The firm litigates, mediates and/or settles cases dealing with most kinds of personal injuries but the firms experience has mostly comprised of representing clients who have been injured in vehicular accidents, slip and falls, and injured from the medical profession. Our firm focuses on getting the client well and having the client recover from his/her injuries not only monetarily but physically and emotionally as well. Our personal injury cases are handled swiftly. Our goal is to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. This is an area that we feel very strongly about in our practice because nothing is worse than being injured and not able to carry on one’s normal life. If your vehicle is damaged one of the first things we do is get you back on the road.

Employment Law Issues are on the Rise

The Law Offices of James E. Nobles is committed to enforcing the rights of California employees. We focus on overtime, meal break, rest break, exempt vs. non-exempt employee issues, as well as sexual harassment and discrimination cases. The firm provides litigation services to employers too. We represent employers in both Labor Commission and at EDD hearings. Our full service litigation practice defends employers who are sued for alleged labor code violations and other alleged employment violations under California and federal law.



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